Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Diver 0.1.0 Released (For Real This Time)

If anyone tried to download Diver 0.1.0 last week on their Linux boxes, you may have had a little trouble. It turns out that I didn't have everything set up correctly for a multi-platform build, and the Linux plugins weren't getting created. I'm going to blog about my experience in a minute, to keep it for posterity so that I can remember how to do it. Hopefully it will be useful for others as well. For now, here is a pretty picture to prove to you that things are good to go for you Linux users.

If you downloaded for Windows last week, I think that you should be fine. But, there won't be any harm in updating.


  1. Thanks for being my editor, Rafael. It's fixed. But, hopefully Diver may bring me prosperity as well :-).